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Bialystok School
of Economics

Bialystok School of Economics, founded in 1996, is a non-public university. It educates students in first, second and postgraduate programmes. Since its inception, the University has received many honors and awards, among them the European Medal of the Business Centre Club for studies in Economics which provides a high standard and European level of education. Programmes in Economics (Bachelor's and Master's studies) also has a positive assessment of the quality of education, degree programme (curriculum) and the material base received from Polish Accreditation Committee in 2016.

Economics is a domain that connects the humanistic and science parts. Economics - money, banking, prices of commodities, stock exchanges, investment that is what we deal with every day. Studies in this field ensure to call correctly all these things and learn how to act in order to multiply your savings. They also show how to set up and run (with a profit) your own business. 

After graduating in Economics you can manage companies and employees in managerial and operating positions in all kinds of enterprises and public institutions as well as work in jobs related to a broad range of finance and trade. 

Contact us

tel. (85) 652 09 97, (85) 652 00 24
e-mail: rekrutacja[at]wse.edu.pl
For more information: www.wse.edu.pl

For Student recruitment form India, Nepal or Bangladesh contact with our Exclusive partners:

GENESIS Sp. z o.o.
Reg.office : 
Magellana 4, 02-777 Warsaw, Poland
Office :
Lachmana 4, 02-786 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 730856705 / 509536757

Skype: wse_bialystok (in English)
We are available on skype 12 AM - 1 PM CET (Mon -Fri)
 If possible, prior to interview please send us scanned copies of your HSC/SSE/equivalent certificate and of the passport (page with personal data).
If you would like to arrange contact at different time please leave a message.

Our office hours are: 8 a.m. CET – 4 p.m. CET (Monday till Friday). The time differences: between Poland and Bangladesh (Dhaka)  -5 hours; India (New Dehli)  -4.30 hours; Pakistan (Karachi) -4 hours.

fields of studies:

Economy - available in English
Occupational Health and Safety 
Social Studies & International Education

University offers


Studies application takes place after the candidate delivers necessary documents and signs agreement fot the provision of educational services. 

Recruitment is carried out by 30 September of each year. 

Required documents:
  • in case of application to first cycle (BA) studies – the original of secondary school (maturity)certificate or another document (with a full list of final grades),
  • in case of application to second-cycle (MA) studies – the higher education diploma (MA, BA,engineer diploma or equivalent) with a full list of grades obtained during the course of study, 
  • a legalisation / authorisation of above-mentioned documents (or apostille) 
  • original sworn translations into Polish or English language of the above documents, made by a sworn translator (registered at the Polish Ministry of Justice or in any of EU, EFTA or OECD country, or a Polish consul in the country where the documents were issued, or an embassy or consulate of the country which issued the documents or in which educational system the school operates located on the territory of Poland 
  • a photocopy of an id or passport’s (personal data page and page with visa, if a candidate has one) 
  • colour photo (2 copies) 
  • if applicable, the proof of candidate’s right to be admitted on the same rules as applicable to Polish citizens (for example: residence permit, Card of the Pole, etc.)

Foreign students are offered:

  • providing the accommodation (additional payment, room with 2 beds in a dormitory)
  • studies and placements abroad (Erasmus +)
  • cooperation with many enterprises
  • Academic Sports Association, Student Government and Student Associations
  • gym outside of school hours
  • unlimited access to the Internet
  • nursery school at the University, working seven days a week
  • close site from the bus station and the railway station

Contact us:


Zwyciestwa 14/3 St., 15-703 Bialystok, POLAND 


phone/fax + 48 85 652 00 24

Bialystok – a student friendly city

  • nearly 300-thousand academic city in North - Eastern Poland (2,5 hours by train from Warsaw)
  • the city is a combination of many cultures, religions and nationalities due to its geographical location
  • lies in the Polish Green Lungs of which over 32% are green areas
  • was admitted to the Network of Healthy Cities - a project conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Bialystok major religions are Catholicism and Orthodoxy
  • Bialystok has many monuments - the oldest one is the baroque Branickis’ Palace
  • Bialystok is the seat of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, The Bialystok Puppet Theatre and The Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre
  • the city centre is a favourite meeting place for young people because of the number of pubs, clubs, cinemas and restaurants


tel.: 85 65x xx xx pokaż
tel.: 85 65x xx xx pokaż

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